How To Get The Best Price On Top Soil Delivery

Published: 21st October 2009
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Are you in the market to have some Top Soil delivered but you want to get the right price? The following 3 tips will help you get the topsoil delivery you want without overpaying.

The first thing to remember is you won't get a good value if you forget about buying quality. If you get a great price but the company delivering your dirt is also in the rubbish removal business and you end up getting a load of garbage mixed in with your top soil you will be very sorry. Paying close attention to how long the company has been in business will help you find out if the product you will be getting is top quality or not. You don't stay in business 25 years or longer passing off sand or fill for top soil, you stay in business by building a reputation over time. Another way to make sure your top soil will be of top quality is to check out the company you are buying from with the Better Business Bureau. Do they have any complaints? A few complaints here and there are normal for any long time business but if you see multiple complaints about the same repeated problems you should continue to shop around. The main point is deal with someone reputable to make sure you will get top quality for your money. A deal is not a deal if you end up with lousy material.

Secondly try to order as much volume as you can. A little know secret in the top soil business is that top soil is not very expensive, what is expensive is having it trucked across town. Often the bigger your order the smaller the price per yard. It cost the delivery company about the same amount of money to deliver one yard as it does to deliver 11 yards so they will usually give you a break on the larger amount of dirt. But what if you only need 3 yards of topsoil? How about asking a neighbor to split an order with you? In fact if you ask your local top soil delivery person I am sure they would have no problem splitting the load for you and giving you the discounted high volume rate per yard.

Finely, try to locate a topsoil company that is a supplier to your local nursery and also delivers to home owners. Nurseries and Garden shops often buy topsoil from a supplier and then mark up the price and re sell it to you at a premium. Why pay the premium when you can call the supplier direct?

I hope these tips help you when making your top soil buying decisions. Remember to always buy quality over price, deal with someone reputable and cut out the middle man when possible and you will end up getting a great deal on your Topsoil delivery.


Filippone Top Soil has been delivering top soil to Nassau and Suffolk counties in Long Island, New York for the past 60 years. Mr. Filippone is proud to serve his community as an owner operator of his Top Soil trucking company that thrives on making everyone's grass a little greener. For more information or to place an order visit him on the web at

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